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What Our Clients Are Saying?

  Mark Leno, November 2013 

My wife had some damage to her front bumper and went to San Jose Collision on 11/1/2013. The repair technician could have easily told her to replace the bumper or suggested expensive repairs. Instead he volunteered to screw-in and buff the front bumper at a very low charge. It turned out fantastic. Most people of wary of auto mechanics taking advantage, so this was a very positive experience. The trust they built by being an honorable business will make me want to always return if and when I have car damage in the future.

  Michael Knowles, June 2013

They were very courteous, dropped me off and picked me up in their vehicle and completed the repairs within the 2 days they estimated. Had front and rear bumpers re-painted and buffed to get out scratches. They even cleaned the inside of my car and put all of my kid's stuff neatly in the trunk. Overall excellent!

  Jane J., May 2013

Truly excellent service! When I needed a bumper boo boo repaired, I put it out on Facebook and asked my friends for recommendations. Three different people (who didn't know each other!) said San Jose Collision was the place to go, and they were right. I brought my vehicle in early one morning then walked across the street to my Weight Watchers meeting. When I mentioned to the leader that I'd just dropped my car off there, she said, "Oh, they do wonderful work over there!" You have fans everywhere. My bumper was replaced at a reasonable cost, in a timely manner.

  Rodney A., October 2013

Great experience with San Jose Collision. Fixed perfectly with friendly service. Hope I never have to use them again. But if I have another accident they will be who I call.